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Welcome to Writing Tips. This page is meant to be a resource for writers with links to articles and videos from blogs and websites. If you have a wonderful resource you would like added please leave a comment. Keep in mind many opinions are represented here. I hope you will take what is useful for you.

Advice From Industry
Fiction Editor Melissa Caldwell (Cedar Fort)
Meet Publicist D. Kirk Cunningham (Jolly Fish Press)
Meet Marketing Publicist Kelly Martinez
 (Cedar Fort)

All Things Agents and Publishers
How to Maximize Pitch Sessions by Nathan Bransford
How to Write a Query Letter by Rachelle Gardner
Meeting Editors and Agents by Brandon Sanderson
What We’re NOT Looking for in a Manuscript by Jolly Fish Press
Writing the Ultimate Query Letter by Jolly Fish Press
Battle Cry: Send More Queries! by Teri Harman

All Things Marketing
How To Conduct a Quality Podcast Interview in 7 Steps by Yaro Starak
How to Get Your Book and Story on a Daytime Show by Cedar Fort Inc.
How To Write An Author Newsletter by Shaney Lee
Lousy Book Covers by Nathan Shumate
The One Thing An Author Should Never Do On Social Media… by Jonathan Gunson
When a Cover Can Ruin a Book by Josie Leavitt
Who Reads eBooks? [Infographic] by Random House
Book Marketing: Creating Your Author Press Kit by Joanna Penn

Specific Genre
Is the Stuff on Crime TV True? by Brandon Callor (Forensic Scientist)
Writing About Death and Crime Scenes with Gary Rodgers [podcast] Writing Action by Larry Correia
World Building by Brian Rathbone

Self Publishing
5 Surprises About Self Publishing by Rachelle Gardner
eBook Formatting- What I’ve Learnt by K.A. Last
Adam Torkildson- 3 Secrets of Successful Promotion in Self Publishing (PR)
How I Became A Published Author by E.C. Stilson
Self-Publishing Your Book: Where’s The Money? by Carla King

Writing Essentials
7 Productivity Tools For Writing by Jolly Fish Press
10 Deleted Chapters that Transformed Famous Books by Evan V. Symon
Beware the Under-Cooked Story Concept by Larry Brooks
Read Before You Write by Christopher Loke
The Secret to Show, Don’t Tell by K.M. Weiland
Introspection During The Characters Black Moment by Angela Ackerman
Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language by Amanda Patterson

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  1. Diane says:

    What a great list of resources — thank you. Had been wondering who reads e-books (this avid reader still hasn’t converted), so found the graphs interesting. Have bookmarked so I can come back when I have more time and check out more of the links. Thank you for putting this together!

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