Writing Goals for 2015

I cannot believe that another year has begun. 2014 flew by so fast for me. We welcomed a new baby, job changes, family deaths, depression, etc. I am ashamed to say that I only read seven books last year. For an avid reader like myself it’s a travesty. I had/have plenty to read but life got in the way. And the more that I think about it, I am not mad at myself. Sometimes there are seasons in our lives where certain priorities demand our attention more than others.

As I sit here looking at my writing goals from last year, I realize I was not able to perform as I had hoped. I still like the goal sheet I found last year on Pinterest and plan to use it again.

Here are my writing goals for 2015:

My one WORD is:

Trust. I need to trust my instincts with writing. When inspiration comes I need to trust in it.

WANT: What I really want for my writing in 2014 is..

I am keeping the same goal that I had last year because I didn’t write much in 2014. I thought so many awesome things but they did not find their way to paper and pen. I want to improve my writing skills. I want to be a better writer. My awesome critique group can help me with this as well as doing little exercises to make me better. And I guess critiquing others will help me to see patterns in writing and great examples as I read.

NEED: What I really need for my writing in 2014 is…

I am also going to keep this same goal as I had last year. Now that we are done having children I do have more time, especially as my children are getting older. I need to focus. I really need to take back my time for writing. I know my kids will understand. I need to focus on doing what I love and what has always been a dream of mine.

SHARE: What I will share with my writing in 2014 is…

I need to share more of my writing and thoughts online this year. I want to find guest post opportunities and perhaps some paying gigs for articles. It will help me grow and stretch as a writer.

SUCCEED: What I will succeed at with my writing in 2014 is…

This will also be my same goal as it was last year. I want to succeed at finally publishing Letters For Ellie this year. It’s been pushed back a few times due to pregnancy sickness, sickness, and life. The new target month is to publish in September. This goal will be a huge success for me because I’ve had this idea for over four years now.

How do you set your writing goals each year? Or do you do it each month or every six months? What are your goals this year?


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