A-Z Blogging Challenge: U is for Uruk-hai..

letter-u-iconU if for Uruk-hai. I hope you are not thinking to yourself, “Oh great! Another post related to Tolkien’s books.” The letter U was hard for me so I go back to what I know and love. I thank Wikipedia for some of the explanations below.

Who are the Uruk-hai? They are fictional characters introduced in Tolkien’s trilogy The Lord of The Rings. They are an advanced breed of orcs, a possible crossbreed of orcs and men according to Treebeard,  who serve Saruman and Sauron. In the black speech it translates to mean “Orc-Folk”.

I remember in The Fellowship of the Ring movie when we see Lurtz, an Uruk, for the first time. He was so nasty looking. Saruman was teaching him the ways of Middle-earth. And then the attack on the Fellowship in the woods with Boromir. It was scary. Our next encounter with them is at the gates of Helms Deep. That was an awesome battle.

Here are some images if you have never seen the movies.



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