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Today we have a guest with us, author Lydia Winters. This is the pen name for author Lindzee Armstrong. I hope you enjoy getting to know more about her and her debut novel Wishing On Baby Dust. Make sure to grab your tissues before starting to read this book. You can read my review on Goodreads. I’ve asked Lydia to share with us why she wrote the book and to talk about it’s message. Enjoy.

author photoThank you so much, Rebekah, for having me here today! She asked me to talk about my inspiration for writing Wishing on Baby Dust.

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with infertility my entire marriage. When I was a teenager, I knew there was a strong possibility that I would have trouble getting pregnant when the time came. As an engaged couple, my husband and I discussed that likelihood. But when, two years into our marriage, the official diagnosis came, we were devastated—severe fallopian tube disease, which means there’s scarring all over my fallopian tubes, causing them to be 100% and 95% blocked as well as grown to my ovaries. We later found out I also have polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. I was twenty at the time, and way too young to be hearing that our chances of ever naturally conceiving were way less than 1%. If we did conceive on our own, there was a 95% chance of an ectopic pregnancy.

The news was devastating. There’s no other word to describe what that moment feels like, when you’re lying in a hospital bed and a doctor is telling you you’d better start saving for in vitro if you ever want kids. But what I quickly learned after our diagnosis is that no one wants to talk about infertility. I was shocked at the flippant comments people gave me. Things like “oh just adopt” or “I guess Heavenly Father doesn’t want you to be parents” or even “just pray really hard and it’ll happen.” I didn’t understand why people were treating me like infertility was all in my head. I have two diagnosable diseases. I have doctors telling me there is no cure for either of them. Yet people kept acting like if we’d just relax or pray harder or something a baby would miraculously appear.

After a tough ten months of going through the adoption process, we did have a miracle occur. Somehow, despite all the odds, we were lucky enough to conceive twin boys without the aid of fertility treatments. To say we were over-the-moon happy would be an understatement. The awe and joy we felt was indescribable.

But people also seemed to think this meant we were “all cured.” We’d had two babies. Now we were good to go!

That’s when the idea for Wishing on Baby Dust came to me. The twins were about nine months old and explaining how we had two babies but were still infertile was beginning to wear on me. (When you have twins, EVERYONE asks you if they’re “natural.”)

I wanted to write a book that would help those going through infertility feel less alone. Something they could read and go “yes, THAT is how I feel!” But I also wanted to write a book to educate those who had never gone through it. Because I knew from talking to people that they just didn’t get it. At all. They weren’t trying to hurt my feelings or be insensitive. They really didn’t understand.

1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility. Everyone knows someone who is going through this. And yet it is so misunderstood. And it doesn’t need to be. Infertility shouldn’t be a taboo subject in our society. Yet somehow it is. I feel like, over the past few years, people have been opening up and infertility is being talked about more and more. This makes me so happy! I wrote Wishing on Baby Dust to do my part and remove the stigma. I wrote it because it’s a subject near and dear to my heart, and the words were screaming to be put down on paper. I wrote it because I needed to, for my own healing.

It’s just one little book in a sea of millions. But if it helps even one person, then I’ve done my job.

To find out more about infertility, visit The National Infertility Association at

WoBD_cover_finalWishing on Baby Dust is currently available on Amazon as an eBook.
Genre: Women’s Fiction
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Description: Infertility stinks. No one knows that better than Megan. After six years of insanity-inducing hormone drugs and desperate prayers, all she has to show for her efforts are enough negative pregnancy tests to fill a bassinet. All around her women are accidentally getting pregnant—like her star piano student—while Megan remains hopelessly barren.

Megan’s never felt so alone. But she’s not the only one struggling.

Christina has just entered the world of infertility, made worse by the fact her husband isn’t ready to be a father. Their marriage, already hanging in the balance, is being torn apart.

Then there’s Kyra, the mother of a precocious three-year-old. She’s shocked to be struggling with secondary infertility. A baby is priceless, but sometimes Kyra feels like she’s being forced to choose which commandment to keep: stay out of debt, or multiply and replenish the earth.

When Megan and Christina are assigned as Kyra’s visiting teachers, they all realize that what you see isn’t necessarily what’s beneath the surface. Some secrets aren’t worth the cost of keeping them.

Author Bio: Lydia Winters decided in first grade that she’d grow up to be three things—a mom, a teacher, and a writer. She’s lucky enough to have accomplished all three tasks. Lydia received her bachelor’s in history education from Utah Valley University. Soon after leaving her teaching career behind, she became a mother to adorable twin boys, who guarantee her life is never dull.

Lydia is married to the most supportive man in the world. He regularly takes care of the twins and cooks dinner so she can escape with her laptop to chase her dream of being a writer. When she has time for hobbies, Lydia is a reality TV junkie, loves to cross-stitch, and sometimes even finds time to play the piano. She eats way too much chocolate and wishes she liked things like running or yoga.

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    • R.K. Grow says:

      You are most welcome Lydia. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us and for writing about a topic that needs it. You will help so many women. And I also liked that it’s not just the woman’s experience but that of her husband as well. Great to see both sides represented.

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