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I read Dissension, The Blood Inheritance Trilogy #1, by Adrienne Monson two years ago. LOVED IT! Which means I’ve been waiting for two years for her second book. FINALLY Defiance has arrived. I am so excited to have Adrienne Monson guest blogging today about the characters in her series. Several of the characters have images attached of actors who could play them. The trilogy is published by Jolly Fish Press.

Describe your physical appearance. I’m about 5’6 with long blonde hair, a curvy figure and a sun-kissed complexion. I have emerald green eyes that I’ve used to flirt my way through more situations that I could count.
Give us 4 words that describe your personality. Independent, fiery, tolerant, and loyal.
Where do you come from? A small village in Africa, but that was so long ago that I don’t really think of myself as from anywhere.
What is the thing you want most in this life? To be with and protect the ones I love.
What/Who do you fight for? What I think is right, no matter what others say or do.

Describe your physical appearance. I’m 5’8 with medium length hair that’s chestnut colored. I’m skinny, something I loved when I danced ballet, but now I wish I had some curves, like Leisha. I have the same blue eyes as my father – a regular reminder of him every time I look in the mirror. But I’m as pale as my mother.
Give us 4 words that describe your personality. Kind, loyal, outgoing, and earnest.
Where do you come from? I grew up in Florida, near Tampa.
What is the thing you want most in this life? To belong.
What/Who do you fight for? Leisha. I’ll follow her into the depths of the vampires if that’s what she needs.

Describe your physical appearance. Over six feet, dark black skin with silvery blue eyes. I am proudest of my eyes when I see them mirrored with my daughter.
Give us 4 words that describe your personality. Fierce, dutiful, focused, and efficient.
Where do you come from? A village in Africa, near Egypt.
What is the thing you want most in this life? To keep my vows.
What/Who do you fight for? The immortals.

Describe your physical appearance. 6’2, hazel eyes and sandy colored hair. I’m more lithe than muscular, but have never heard ladies complain of it.
Give us 4 words that describe your personality. Reflective, stoic, methodical, and intellectual.
Where do you come from? Moscow.
What is the thing you want most in this life? Do you honestly think I’d divulge that to you? No one get in my head.
What/Who do you fight for? The vampires. No one can beat their prices.

Describe your physical appearance. 5’8, with curves and long blonde hair just like my mother (Tell her I said that and I’ll kick the crap out of you!). I inherited my dad’s awesome silvery blue eyes and have light brown skin.
Give us 4 words that describe your personality. Passionate, bad-ass, adventurous, and sarcastic.
Where do you come from? A small village in Africa. Don’t be stupid enough to try and find it — you’d get lost the first day.
What is the thing you want most in this life? Eradicate the world of all scum that taints it.
What/Who do you fight for? Myself. I’m just with the immortals because they give me access to hunting vampires.

Describe your physical appearance. 5’11, husky from years of fighting as a Roman soldier, dark hair and dark eyes.
Give us 4 words that describe your personality. Driven, tough, leader, and suave.
Where do you come from? Ancient Rome
What is the thing you want most in this life? To dominate everything and everyone around me.
What/Who do you fight for? I don’t have to fight. I have plenty of minions to do that for me.

Defiance HighResDefiance (The Blood Inheritance Book 2) by Adrienne Monson is available on Amazon and B&N.
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Goodreads Link
Description: Leisha and Samantha barely survived.

Now, an explosive battle between the vampires and immortals seems imminent.
It’s more important than ever before that the prophecy child is found, but there’s a problem—Leisha has lost her powers. She seems like nothing more than a human. Her newfound humanity is further complicated when Tafari, her old lover, appears with a desire for reconciliation.

Can Leisha lock up the past to save those she loves? Or will fate tear everything from her once again?

Adrienne Author - 3650Author Bio: I have always had a voracious appetite for reading, which I think I inherited from my dad.
I love many different kinds of fiction and will sometimes stay up all night to finish a well written book. When I was eleven, I had an obsession with vampires and immersed myself in every kind of vampire literature. That may be why the first novel I have written is about vampires. Of course, everyone has their own version of what kinds of powers vampires have and where they come from. I am no different.

I live in Utah with my husband and two kids, whom I love with all my heart. I love Zumba, kickboxing, and weightlifting. I also love yummy foods, so I don’t look like a workout guru.


 Website | Author Page on JFP | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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