The World of Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters by DC & Michael McGannon

I am so excited to have father and son writing duo, DC & Michael McGannon, visiting the blog today and guest posting about what they do best: writing about monsters. 🙂 This a great description about their series and the world Charlie Sullivan belongs to. I hope you enjoy the ride!

The World of Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters

Monsters are real. They always have been, even when we have chosen not to believe in them.

Now, for the residents of Hunter’s Grove and the Old World village of Drakauragh, the choice is no longer theirs. There are powerful and sinister monsters breaking through the magic holding them back from crossing over into our world. They are leading armies of monsters to vengeance against human-kind.

There are five who unknowingly possess the power to finish what centuries of humans before them have been unable to do. Charlie Sullivan and his band of new friends will be tested as they attempt to strengthen the magic that can lock the monsters and their armies away for good – even if the cost is their lives.

This is the story of five unlikely friends who uncover a sinister past buried under centuries of magic and secrecy. This is a story about looking past differences, overcoming fears, and rediscovering what is truly important in this life. This is the story of Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters of Hunter’s Grove.

After deciding to take matters into his own hands when people start to go missing again, Charlie—and the ragtag band of unlikely friends—discovers this truth:  People aren’t simply going missing, they are being taken.

By monsters.

CSMH_BookOneCoverIn Book 1: The Varcolac’s Diary, the eclectic team of Charlie Sullivan, Nash Stormstepper, Darcy Witherington, and Lisa and Liev Vadinknov face a difficult, life-altering decision:  Risk their lives and fight back, or listen to their elders, sit tight, and wait for the Dark Prince (the royal Varcolac – a Greater in the Otherworld) and his army of monsters to overtake their small town of Hunter’s Grove.

CSMH_BookTwoCoverIn Book 2: Witch Moon, from across an ocean a plea has been sent to the Monster Hunters of Hunter’s Grove. The portal village of Drakauragh is suffering under dark magic and vengeful gods. Their mission is clear: Help the people of Drakauragh overcome the evil powers that rise with the coming Witch Moon. However, emotions run high and personal motives threaten the success of their mission, and the safety of everyone involved.

Bringing Back the Classics

The monsters of Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters are inspired from classic literary and cultural monsters from around the world and throughout the ages. We want to re-introduce classical figures of legend and lore to readers of all ages today. The monsters, villains and friendlies alike, of the series reach deep into the soul of the world of monsters to bring fresh perspective and context to the stories, while remaining true to their legends.

The Dark Prince is a varcolac, which in turn is a creature very similar to our vampire. Historically, the varcolac is a hybrid monster of sorts that brings a wealth of sinister and darkly attractive angles to his character. There are some key differences from the classical vampire of western cultures, but we won’t spoil it for those of you who want to dive into the books and find out what a varcolac is yourself. (And for those of you who have already read The Varcolac’s Diary, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!) Our werewolves are pretty straight forward, however vile and corrupt, until you get to the second book in the series, the recently released Witch Moon, and come face to dangerous face with an Old World / Irish mystery of the lycanthrope legend.

As you probably can guess by the title Witch Moon, the series does have its witches. Just as in the old legends and folktales, the witches of Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters are a particularly tricky group of characters. Witch Moon itself introduces three of the oldest, most powerful, and darkly infamous witches in human history. And, yes, actual human history.

Beyond the main characters and monsters is an array of monsters and spirits from tales and cultures spanning the globe and story-telling history. Travel back beyond the likes of Stoker and Shelley to ancient roots in old legends and lore. This opens some very fun—and some very nasty—doors in story and plot.

What’s REALLY Going On

But what’s the series really about? Monsters? Yes. And, no. The monsters serve as both a real-life rival and danger to the humans, while also holding a symbolic purpose. The story surrounds, and is consumed, by the relationships between the five unlikely friends who fight against (or even with) the monsters (and sometimes each other).

Real-life struggles are ongoing themes in Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters. In The Varcolac’s Diary (Book One), it’s all about getting past social norms. The characters struggle against their personal and cultural constraints to do what is necessary for the greater good. They bear tremendous sacrifice, personally and as a group, in order to do this. Issues such as bullying, loneliness, isolation, self-confidence, social politics, and even great personal loss are not lost in these adventures.

In Witch Moon (Book Two), we see this continue as the group not only pushes into deeper emotional, social, and relational territory, but a few characters also put themselves and their collective mission at risk to right wrongs of the past. In particular, Charlie faces his own personal demons as he stands in the role of leader—something he never wanted but bears with a strong resolve. The third book, Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: Council of the Hunters, will find the group questioned by peers and elders, while in the background a manipulative force will test the fabric of trust and friendship keeping them together.

The series asks its readers: “Can you defy the odds?” Can you overcome great adversity and triumph even in the face of hardship? And if so, what will you gain from it? What will it cost you? What price will others around you have to pay? Are you willing to find answers to these questions, regardless of what roads they lead you to? Oh, and “Do you believe in monsters and magic?”

Can Charlie and his friends continue to challenge the limits and obstacles that are place before them? And in the end, will they still want to?

Read more this Fall as the series continues. Follow Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters as they face life together and stand against the rising darkness. Dark magic, vengeful gods, and ancient terrors are set against our world. If it is within their power, the light of day will surely fail.

Learn more about the characters, locations, and new developments surround Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters at

Stay tuned tomorrow when we meet the authors!

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