The Kingdom of Thorn & Bone series by Greg Keyes

ImageEver since the ending of the Harry Potter series I have been searching for a new series to hold on to. I decided to look at my shelf and see if there wasn’t something already there waiting for me. I tend to have a lot of books on my shelves that I have not had the time to get to yet. Does that happen to any of you? I picked the series by Greg Keyes called The Kingdom of Thorn & Bone. I follow the website for author Terry Books and I remember the day he was talking about this new author Greg Keyes. I promptly went out to buy the book because the summary was intriguing. If you like fantasy and enjoy reading Terry Brooks these books are for you and it’s a wonderful series.

SUMMARY: The books follow the story of Anne Dare, descendant of Virgenya Dare, a famed ruler who used her magic to aid the kingdom. Her descendants rule the kingdom of Crotheny, until a traitorous plot to overthrow them leads to tragedy. The books generally follow the overall fate of its several protagonists and the lands from which they hail. The events recounted deal mainly with the destiny of the kingdom of Crotheny. However, there are several multi-stranded plotlines which sometimes lead to one another while also expanding the history, characters and events of the series. The series leans more on its character development to develop the plot from several different perspectives, but is also peppered with legends, myths, detailed world backstory, kingdoms, wars and monsters that characterize the genre. (Wikipedia)

It’s quite a unique story and yet it seems so familiar to the story lines of the science fiction and fantasy novels out there today. It’s intense and goes rather quick. You can also get lost in it’s wonder. I read the third novel, which was the same amount of pages as Harry Potter but in a paperback, in just two days. I would also venture to say that this series is better than The Game of Thrones. Just saying. 🙂 [ 5 stars ]

Stay tuned for more fantasy series recommendations, thrillers and mysteries.

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