She Sleeps, My Dune..

Frank Herbert kept me from going crazy while having insomnia as a teenager. I would stay up until 2 a.m. almost every night while in high school. What does one do when their brain won’t shut off and let them sleep? I read and wrote poetry. One of those amazing authors was Frank Herbert who wrote the Dune series. This poem is inspired by the sci-fi series. I hope you enjoy.


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“Across Arrakis”
sleeps, my dune;
waiting, searching, sifting
through the spices
as the Worms
dance upon the sand
ridden by those faces
azure glances
and dancing upon the sands.

She sleeps, my dune;
restless, hurtful, wanting
the stone
to kick,
to hit,
to cut, to yell at it
making it a killing word
for those
who wish to conquer.

She sleeps, my dune;
knowing, learning, growing
in the Weirding Way;
His way,
so he’ll discover
the spice that folds
so he’ll discover
the water that awakens.

“Why the box?” you ask. She said
it would tickle,
itch and burn.
So what, if the poison
silenced the animal
dreaming of spice.

He passed the test,
accepting the water
and looking
where only he can swim.
He accepted…
the name,
bringing upon the warrior
a power.
“My name is a killing word.”

She sleeps, my dune;
laughing, crying, waiting.
Now, the sleeper
has awakened.
He who destroys a thing
controls a thing.
And now,
he who kills with a word
controls the spice,
controls the worms;
controls my dune.

Written by R.K. Grow, 12/1995


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