Review of Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem by Melissa Lemon

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 11.10.51 AMDescription: Stuck in her family’s apple orchards, Kat’s got plenty of work to do and only pesky Jeremy to help. But when Jeremy convinces her to run away, Kat will discover that nothing—and no one—in her life is quite what it seems. Wonderfully re-imagined, this is the magical tale of Snow White as you’ve never read it before!

My Review: Kat was raised in an apple orchard by her Uncle Barney. However, she doesn’t know she is a princess or who her family is or why her Uncle never lets her go to the market. He hasn’t even told anyone that she exists.

Jeremy comes to the orchard to work and help out. Year after year goes by and then one day Jeremy tells Kat he loves her. A wicked queen, seven wonderful friends and a twist you won’t see coming are just a few more delights in this great read by author Melissa Lemon.

The point of view in this story is unexpected and I really like this idea. I have to agree with one reviewer of this book who said the movie Snow White and the Huntsman should’ve went off of this book for their storyline.

This story is imaginative, delightful and heartfelt. I love how Melissa Lemon can draw you into the scenery with just a few descriptive words. I highly recommend this book to any third grader or older. It’s great for both boys and girls and it will also delight adults. I cannot wait to see what the author writes next. [ 5 Stars ]

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