Publisher Spotlight: Wayman Publishing

I thought it would be fun to introduce a new publisher each month. This is something that is very time consuming as you search for publishers to send your novel to. I hope I can make it a little easier on you by introducing the publisher as well as reviewing the types of books they publish.  If you have ideas of ones you would like me to review send me a message at rebekahgrow @ gmail dot com.

Wayman Publishing

Wayman publishing is a small press that was founded in Utah in 2011.

Although new, we’ve accomplished a great deal in a short time. We do everything in our power to publicize our authors’ work through social media as well as setting up speaking engagements and signings. This year, The Golden Sky and More Nonsense became number one best sellers on Amazon in the month of September. Several of our other titles by Pat Hatt, Dee Ready, and Shane Stilson made it into the top ten.

What types of books do they publish? Quality nonfiction, humor, self-help, fantasy, children’s books, and a limited number of “we can’t resist” novels. They are currently taking submissions from all the above genres except for children’s books.

Wayman is also a socially conscious press. They donated to the American Diabetes Foundation in 2011 and 2012 as well as helped raise $2,000 from books sales for Angel Watch- an infant loss bereavement organization.

I’ve had the opportunity to read a few books already that they have published and will be interviewing some of their authors and reviewing their books on this blog during the month of December. Stay tuned this Friday when I interview Shane Stilson, the author of the Middle Damned.

Visit them at their website:
Follow them on twitter: @Waymanpub

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