For the month of March the focus will be on resources for those interested in self-publishing their books. Self-publishing has exploded over the last few years with companies popping up everywhere to help you with all of your needs. I hope you will find the information useful.

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writer.lyWho we are: With the advent of self publishing, it was clear that authors would need to become more autonomous, no longer able to rely on the expertise of publishers, especially when it came to the marketing of their works. Authors would need to hire out the skills they didn’t possess, such as copy editing and book design, eventually creating a team of experts who worked together to get the author’s work to market.

Abby and Kelsye met at the “Seattle Daylight Writer’s Group,” a Friday morning coffee shop based group¬†founded by Kelsye in 2008. It was at these meetups that Abby, Kelsye and several group “regulars” began discussing the needs of authors and the idea for was formed.

What we do: powers the new and self-publishing revolution by connecting writers directly with the vendors and freelancers they need to create their books and get them sold.

By posting bid-able service requests in our online marketplace, content creators of all kinds may build their own publishing team of copyeditors, book designers, marketing consultants and so on as needed to create a dream team of professionals that will help them launch their book into the hungry market and meet their publishing goals.

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