Publisher Spotlight: Cedar Fort Publishing

It’s January and time for a new publisher spotlight. Sit back and enjoy as we get to know Cedar Fort Publishing and it’s authors this month. The following information is taken from their website.

Cedar Fort Publishing

Cedar Fort is one of the largest book publishers in Utah.


Cedar Fort has a vision and mission for their company. They want to publish uplifting and edifying books that help people think about what is important in life, books people enjoy reading to relax and feel better about themselves, and books to help improve lives. Whether or not a book is written specifically to the LDS market, all of their books should be suitable and uplifting for any group. In the past few years they have grown substantially, and they hope to continue growing, bringing more authors and more great books into the marketplace.

Each year we publish well over 100 books, and many of those are by first-time authors-thus, unlike many other publishers, we are very interested in seeing books from new authors.

Cedar Fort is currently looking for submissions in the following areas:

  • Prayer
  • The Book of Mormon
  • The Doctrine and Covenants
  • Church History
  • Mother’s Day: short stories and gift books
  • General Nonfiction
  • LDS Nonfiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • LDS Fiction
  • Social and Behavioral Issues (i.e. Asperger’s, ADHD, suicide, eating disorders, body image) both nonfiction and fiction.

Below are some quick links from their website for author submissions.
Standard Manuscript Guidelines
Download Manuscript Submission Form

Still have questions? Feel free to contact them at

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