Preschool Blunders & Childlike Innocence

So I have to share this story that happened with my preschooler in December. For most of the month I was sick with bronchitis and was also having some other health-related issues. My sweet daughter kept asking me every day if I was feeling better. She was so concerned about me. I’d probably missed about two weeks of work and although I was at home with my kids I couldn’t really interact with them because I felt like crap!

I came home from work one day, after I’d been out for a week, and my mother-in-law said, “Jaymee said something interesting at school today.” She was going to wait and have my husband tell me but I told her just to go and tell me. “Jaymee told her teacher today that you died.” I was a little shocked and wondered what her teacher had to say when my husband picked her up. My mother-in-law had asked me if I’d ever said anything while I was sick. I tried to think back and perhaps I’d said something like, “This cough is killing me!” or “Kill me now already.” I am pretty sure I did say something like that. And who wouldn’t! Having bronchitis is awful.

I few minutes later I walked downstairs to my husband’s office to ask him what had happened. Apparently my daughter had been talking about me being sick at school and that she was worried. This is the first time I’ve been really sick in her life so I could see it being a little scary for her. And that day her teacher had asked her how I was doing and she told her I’d died. When my husband went to pick her up Mrs. Young asked how I was doing because Jaymee had told her I’d been sick. And then she told her about my being dead. My husband said she most likely heard me say something and took that literally. But then again who knows what made her say that.

I went back upstairs to find my daughter and asked her why she told her teacher that I had died. She said because she wanted to. I gave her a big hug and told her that I loved her. I said that sometimes when we are sick it feels awful and we wish it would just go away. While this situation was interesting to say the least it was nice to know my daughter loves me and is concerned about me. And it’s another reminder that kids take things literally sometimes. I started to think of the words we say and in the context they are said and why wouldn’t a child come to these types of conclusions now and then. I hope she never loses her childlike innocence and tenderness for others.

While it didn’t seem funny at the time, I chuckle to myself a little. I wonder what she’ll come up with next!

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  1. Well, it’s either that or else she’s a budding writer (getting it from her mother) and embroidering her life with dramatic details already. 🙂 Oh, and I’m glad you didn’t die.

    • R.K. Grow says:

      She is definitely creative with her responses sometimes. And a perfect drama queen. I think debate and drama are in her future. Writing would be awesome too! And thanks for not wanting me to die.:)

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