Plain and Simple by Sue Bender

ImageI have been fascinated by the Amish over the years and like Sue Bender, I find an eloquence in their simplicity. This book is  a must read for those who are interested in learning more about the Amish and their traditions. The author was first introduced to the culture by the way their quilts made her feel. She lived with a family for a time and this book is about her experience among them. If anything, we can learn how to “simplify” our lives from the way they live theirs.

Something that I found interesting was that Eli, the man of the house, looked at the land and farming as God’s Land. Everything he did was in reverence to that. The same thing went for his wife Emma. She thought of her duties in the home as God’s home and delighted in His work. They are strong people. Very humble. We can definitley learn from their quiet ways.

My husband told me that all of the money the families have been getting from others because of the school shooting tragedy seven years ago, part of that was donated to the family of the shooter. In our world today that is such a beautiful gesture that it just makes me cry. [ 5 stars ]

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