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Writing Warm and Fuzzy- David Farland 0

Writing Warm and Fuzzy- David Farland

Another wonderful post from David Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants newsletter. If you would like to receive his daily newsletter go to his website and create an account: http://www.davidfarland.net/members/. Or you can go...


The End of My Adventures in Middle-earth

The first set of photos are of the area where the hobbits were hiding during the Urukhai ambush. Frodo was on one side and Merry and Pippin were on the other. Several ladies from...


My Middle-earth Adventure Part IV

I had anticipated this to be the last of my posts but there are still so many places to visit that I will need just one more post. I am sure you won’t mind...


My Middle-earth Adventure Part III

Welcome to the North Island. We finally made it via airplane from Wellington to Christchurch. Some amazing adventures are about to happen. I wanted to take a moment and thank those of you who...


My Middle-earth Adventure Part II

Welcome back to part II of my adventures in Middle-earth. When we last left off we had just arrived in Wellington, home of Peter Jackson, The Embassy theater, The Green Parrot, Weta Workshop, etc....


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