A-Z Blogging Challenge: O is for OSC..

letter-o-iconO is for OSC. Orson Scott Card. This writer is one of my heros. The first book of his I ever read was Ender’s Game in eighth grade. And I have never looked back. I’ve read every book he has ever written except for his last two novels. Darn kids! Friends and family often ask me why it is that I recommend a Card book? Besides my excitement for the stories that he tells it’s the characters. I love his characterization. In fact, he wrote a book on it called Characters and Viewpoint. Excellent book. I highly recommend it.

For those of you who do not know who he is, Card is an award-winning Sci-fi and Fantasy writer. He is the first author to ever win both Hugo and Nebula Awards in consecutive years. He has a wonderful website called Hatrack River. Great articles, projects, video games, etc. He sponsors his Uncle Orson’s Writing Class and Literary Boot Camp twice a year. It’s tough to get into but I would love to do it sometime if I am found worthy. I would totally faint. 🙂 He is currently working on the Ender’s Game movie which will be out this November. I am so so so excited!!!

Ender's Game movie posterHere is my must-have list of his books:
1. Ender’s Game Trilogy- Ender Wiggins. Valentine Wiggins. Peter Wiggins. The Buggers. Awesome.
2. Ender’s Shadow series- The parallel series to Ender’s Game. This is about the other students from the Battle School and Ender.
3. The Tales of Alvin Maker seriesI love this series. There are 7 books in all. A MUST READ. I got my mom hooked on Card.
4. Enchantment- I totally want them to make this into a movie. A Ukrainian Fairytale has come to life. Baba Yaga flying a plane. Remarkable. Love this book.
5. Lost Boys- Such a tear-jerker. Please have kleenex on hand.

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