My Review: Surpasses Understanding by Vicki Talmage

This is the most important review I have ever written! I feel privileged to have recently met author Vicki Talmage at a writing conference. We were seated at dinner together and we struck up a conversation that touched my life. I promise you tissues will be needed when you read her book.

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VickiTalmage_Cover-Image-662x1024Surpasses Understanding is available for purchase from Vicki’s website and Amazon in audio book, paper back and e-book format.
Genre: Nonfiction, Memoir
Description: Tragedy is a household word in today’s world. Even as bystanders we find ourselves grappling with how we are going to emotionally get through the devastation and still keep our sense of safety and normalcy in tact.

How can I get through this heartache and pain?

In Surpasses Understanding, Vicki shares her story of how she survived and then overcame the tragic suicide and homicides of her family. She shares just enough of her story, and the tender mercies which healed her at each stage of the tragedy, so that the reader can put themselves into the story and find their own messages.

This is a story of tragedy and betrayal beyond the scope of all understanding and also a story of forbearance and forgiveness that surpasses all understanding…it’s a story of true healing.

Come, join her on this journey…

My Review: Vicki Talmage gave me her book in exchange for an honest review.

I have not read much in the True Crime or Memoir genres for a long time but I enjoy reading them. It’s been two days since I finished reading Surpasses Understanding and it is still haunting me. Vicki Talmage is amazing. She suffered a life of abuse, as did her whole family, at the hands of a brutal father. As I read each chapter I couldn’t help but put myself into Vicki’s shoes. I’ve had friends over the years who have been abused emotionally, physically and psychologically. I wonder how they stay strong and seemingly move on. I wondered to myself how Vicki stayed strong. How she never gave up. How angels were watching over her.

This story is heart-warming, tragic, sad, scary, and redemptive. To think that all your hopes and dreams shatter after finding the one you love instead of having a wonderful life with your family. For a child to have promises broken time and again. To watch your siblings and your mother beaten. And to sometimes take the brunt for them so they wouldn’t have to be hurt.

My hope as a reader is that this book will go out and touch everyone who has lived a life of abuse and give them courage to get away instead of having a tragic ending like Vicki did. Vicki repeatedly called cops and asked for help and no one believed them. If you hear of abuse happening report it.

Thank you for writing this book Vicki. May your strength lend wings to others to face the living demons in their lives.

5 Stars: I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I had to keep going until I was finished. When I finished I felt very emotional. The characters felt like my best friends. It was so real I felt like I was a character in the novel. I will directly purchase this book in some format.

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    […] Vicki Talmage is a survivor  in more ways than once having lost her    family at 19 years old  and later in life also surviving  Rhinocarcinoma Lymphoma  from  excessive […]

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