My Middle-earth Adventure Part IV

I had anticipated this to be the last of my posts but there are still so many places to visit that I will need just one more post. I am sure you won’t mind another day in Middle-earth. 🙂

I forgot to add one more stop from day seven. We stopped off to see lakes Tekapo and  Pukaki where they filmed shots of the River Anduin. This is where we see the fellowship floating on the water as the Urukhai are hunting them on foot.




I also left out the “great chase” from day eight. This is where we see the nazgul chasing after Arwen and Frodo on the horse.



That night we ate at Oliver’s Restaurant. If you had a costume you were asked to wear it that night. It was a beautiful restaurant. We had a guest musical group serenade us as we ate. The music was reminiscent of Middle-earth. Our two guides, which were father and daughter, dressed up as Gandalf and Arwen as well as Kerry from our fellowship who was Eowyn. I also got a cool shot of this fireplace that was just inside as you waited to be seated.




Stop one: Poolburn

It seemed like we drove forever into no man’s land, but we eventually got to our destination and walked a little bit until we got to the following spots. Poolburn is where they filmed the burning of the Rohan village, meeting the Rohirrim, Aragorn putting his ear to the rock, the dropping of the leaf broach by Pippin and where we see Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn running to catch up with the two hobbits Merry and Pippin. We did have to be careful as we walked along because there were pockets of marshes.

poolburn poolburn1 poolburn2 poolburn3

Here is the rock where Aragorn bent down to hear the footsteps of the Urukhai.


This is the path in the movie where we see the Urukhai and some Orcs and they are carrying away Merry and Pippin because they think one of them has the ring.


Of course we had to do a reenactment. 🙂


This is where they filmed the burning of the Rohan Village. The two children that ran away on horses and ended up at Edoras.



Second stop: Peter Jackon’s property

We drove away from the city and into the mountains to a piece of property was is owned by Peter Jackson. At the time is was used for the battle scene with the Urukhai when they ambushed the hobbits and Boromir. Also the part where Frodo puts on the ring and falls just before talked to Aragorn and before they are ambushed.


Tune in tomorrow for the final installment part I and the rest of the photos from Peter Jackson’s property.

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