My Middle-earth Adventure Final Installment Part I

When we left off last time I was introducing you to Peter Jackson’s property he has in the mountains. I do not recall the city at this time so that is probably good.

The following scenes are reenactments of the Urukhai coming up over the hill as they descend on the fellowship to attack.



Also, looking from his property is the spot where Frodo and Sam see the Oliphants and get captured.

oliphants oliphants1

That night we made it to Queenstown for the rest of our trip. The city had so many shops with LOTR memorabilia and lots of tours like this one to go on.

safari shops

Enjoying one of our many meals together as a fellowship. Can I just say again how amazing the food was in NZ? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!



First stop: Burning of the Orcs/Urukhai by Rohan

This is the spot where they filmed the tracking of Merry and Pippin and where we see the burning of the corpses of Orcs and Urukhai that the riders of Rohan slaughtered in the night. We also get a wonderful reenactment of this in the follow photos. Little tidbit. Did you know that Aragorn when he kicked the helmet and screamed really broke his toe and they kept that take because it was so real.

burningorcs burningorcs1



On the flip side of this area they also filmed the part where we see the lovely Maeras horse Shadowfax come up the hill to Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli.


Second stop: Mavora Lakes

This is another favorite spot of mine. Fangorn Forest, the swing bridge at the Silverlode River,  the log which concealed Merry & Pippin before Frodo left the fellowship,  and the lakeside where Sam and Frodo paddled away on the next stage of their journey.  “The forest is old, very old, and full of memory.” Such a beautiful location. I could’ve stayed here for hours and hours.

I will add the last few parts later on today. It truly does take forever when there are so many locations and photos to go through. 🙂

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