Music To Inspire

Music to Inspire

Music….it’s the most spiritual and inspirational medium. I love to write listening to music. I love to think listening to music. I love to play the piano as well. I can play for hours on end. I go to another place when I participate in music. It’s amazing to me how the notes in a song can take on the character of the song, just like words in a novel.


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Below is a list of music that has inspired me over the years in many different ways. I’d love to share that with you and I hope to add to this page as I go forward, experiencing new music.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.50.59 PMDead Can Dance– I first discovered DCD when I was in 9th grade. There was a compilation out called Lonely As An Eyesore by 4AD records. They had a few songs on there along with other 4AD artists. I instantly loved them and bought the first album on vinyl called Within The Realm of a Dying Sun. I found their music to be passionate and soulful. Brendan and Lisa have the most amazing voices. I have had the awesome privilege to see them twice in concert now and both times I am left speechless and moved beyond words. Both Lisa and Brendan of DCD went on to do their own solo careers and other musical ventures as well as a new album every few years. Here is a link to their YouTube top videos. I love all of their music and I have several favorites. But this one that I am embedding the video for is one that I will have played at my funeral whenever that day comes. This song called Sanvean makes me cry every time. Take a quiet moment to listen to this and close your eyes.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.55.11 PMLisa Gerrard– Lisa has the most wonderful and haunting voice. She can make you feel so many emotions just from her vocals. She has gone on to become one of the best composers out there today for movies. Some of her most memorable soundtracks are The Gladiators and Whale Rider. She has also written and performed several solo albums collaborating with artists such as Marcello De Francisci and Pieter Bourke. One of the neat things about her vocal abilities is that she sings her own language- the language of music. There is a documentary out there called Sanctuary. I recommend watching it to know more about how she feels music.

“Music is a Place to take Refuge. It’s a Sanctuary from Mediocrity and Boredom. It’s Innocent and it’s a Place you can loose yourself in Thoughts, Memories and Intricacies…”

john-rutter-headshotJohn Rutter– This man is so amazing. Where do I start? I was first introduced to him in high school choir and again in my college choral group. My ultimate favorite work of his is Requiem. It’s based on scriptures about the Lord. There are about 8 songs in this work. I cry every time I listen to it and I get goose bumps. The choral group I was a part of in college sang this work.

John is a composer, conductor and record producer. If you were in a choir at any time you may have sung “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, “God Be In My Head”, “The Lord is My Shepherd”, and “Open Thou Mine Eyes” just to name a few. I would love to meet this man before he dies but I may not get the chance since he lives in England. The famous Cambridge Singers often sing his choral works.

David-Lanz-InterviewDavid Lanz– My mom introduced me to this amazing composer of New Age piano music. The first piece of his I heard was “Cristofori’s Dream”. Such a magical experience. Read a recent post I wrote about this song. If you have heard of Yanni this will seem familiar to you. Although for me personally I love David Lanz more. He lives in Seattle and often tours locally here in Utah. He also teaches master classes in piano. If I am ever feeling overwhelmed or need to just think and be calm I will listen to one of his albums. Some of my other favorites are “Return to the Heart”, “Madre De La Tierra”, “Behind the Waterfall”, “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, “Leaves on the Seine”, just to name a few. His record label is Narada Productions and I would recommend highly any Narada artist. They have a few compilations if you want to just check them out.

George-Winston-300x300George Winston– This man is a musical genius. I’ve seen him in concert at Symphony Hall in SLC, UT. The way he tickles those ivories is amazing. He is very good at playing soul or jazz-style piano. He can also paint pictures with his music and take your imagination to amazing places. I have so many favorite songs but the albums I love the most are December, Montana- A Love Story, and Linus & Lucy – The Music Of Vince Guaraldi.

What are your thoughts?


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