Meet The Characters: Ellie

I am starting a new series of blog entries this month. Every Monday, starting today, I will focus on one of the main characters in my novel Letters For Ellie. Today I’ll be focusing on 1-year-old Ellie. I hope you enjoy getting to know more about her. You’ll have to read the novel when it comes out next year to find out what happens to her.


Ellie is the daughter of Rachel and Andrew Simpson. She has bright blue eyes and reddish-brown locks. She is constantly smiling and likes to laugh. Her hair is unruly with a few curls and doesn’t like to lay flat.

Ellie started walking exactly a month before her first birthday. She loves to be outside. She is not afraid of strangers. She loves her mamma. Ellie also likes music of any kind and tries to sing in her own way.

Her favorite food: grapes and green beans

Her favorite toy: fairy cell phone and a stuffed dog

Her first words: mamma, dog, dadda, tree

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