Meet Josh From The Tate Chronicles by K.A. Last

We are now on day 2 of meeting the characters from The Tate Chronicles. Josh is a pretty nice guy until he becomes a vampire. He is also in love with Grace.


Name: Joshua David Chase (Josh).
Career: vampire.
Biography: Josh used to live on a cattle farm with his Dad. His Mum died when he was ten, and he’s an only child. Since becoming a vampire he’s decided to leave Hopetown Valley and take off to the city.
Age: stuck at seventeen.
Height: five-feet, eleven-inches.
Weight: 74kg.
Body Type: athletic and toned, and even more so since being turned.
Complexion: pale with strong chiseled features.
Eyes: black.
Hair: dark brown and messy.
Clothing Style: Josh wears black so he can blend in with the dark city streets.
Speaking Style: well mannered, but he currently has a chip on his shoulder because he’s lost his memory and has no idea who he is.
General Demeanor: Josh used to be an all-round nice guy. He still is, but he sometimes has trouble controlling his vampiric urges.
Prejudices: He doesn’t have much tolerance for liars.
Best Qualities: Josh has a strong and caring heart, but don’t cross him or you’ll know about it.
Weaknesses: his memory loss.
Hobbies: sitting in his wing chair thinking.
Talents: speed, agility, and the ability to walk in the sun even though he’s a vampire.

Fall For Me was the first book written in the series. Currently you can purchase the eBook for $2.99. Go and get it while it’s still on sale. Watch the book trailer below.

Tune in tomorrow when we’ll meet the other love interest in Grace’s life, who just happens to be a fall angel named Seth.

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