Meet Grace From The Tate Chronicles by K.A. Last

I am so excited that Author K.A. Last is taking over my blog this week. She’ll be introducing us to the main characters from her #YA #Paranormal #Romance series The Tate Chronicles. Each day we’ll meet a new character and then at the end of the week we’ll talk about the books and where you can find them online. Let’s get started. Meet Grace. She’s an angel. She kills vampires for a living. And she’s in love. It’s complicated.


Name: Grace Tate.
Career: Protection Angel and Vampire Hunter.
Biography: Grace is a Protection Angel assigned to the Tate family. She is re-born into each generation to protect her twin brother, the Vampire Hunter. She is currently in her sixth incarnation and her brother this time around is Archer.
Age: Grace is thousands of years old, but in this incarnation she is seventeen.
Height: five-feet, two-inches.
Weight: 51kg.
Body Type: petite with delicate features.
Complexion: pale and perfect, like porcelain.
Eyes: they used to be sapphire blue, but are now almost black.
Hair: short, black and sticks out oddly all over her head.
Clothing Style: Grace is most comfortable in jeans, boots, and a black or red top. She also loves her red coat.
Speaking Style: Grace likes to talk, but she pretty much cuts the crap and tells it like it is.
General Demeanor: Grace is pretty easy going, but she gets quite passionate about things and doesn’t like being told she’s wrong.
Prejudices: Grace doesn’t understand how anyone can not like Shakespeare. She also hates vamps when they grovel.
Best Qualities: she always tries to do the right thing.
Weaknesses: she often gets into trouble for trying to do the right thing. Grace tends to think with her heart and not her head.
Hobbies: reading, and dusting vamps.
Talents: strength, agility, speed, mind reading, soul reading, and since becoming fallen she can mist and throw fire balls.

If you are intrigued after meeting Grace and want to learn more about the series, check out Sacrifice, a prequel about Grace and Seth. It’s a novella and currently FREE. Go and download it today! Enjoy the book trailer below.

Tune in tomorrow when we meet Josh.

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