Meet Archer From The Tate Chronicles by K.A. Last

Thank you for joining us again today to learn about Grace’s brother Archer, who is also a fellow vampire hunter. Enjoy.


Name: Archer Henry Tate.
Career: Vampire Hunter.
Biography: Archer is Grace’s twin brother and the sixth Hunter in the Tate family. Because he was born alongside an angel he has above average strength and speed, among other abilities. As the male, it’s his responsibility to keep the linage going. But sometimes things don’t always go to plan.
Age: seventeen.
Height: five-feet, ten-inches
Weight: 70kg
Body Type: toned but not overly muscular.
Complexion: tanned.
Eyes: hazel.
Hair: sandy brown.
Clothing Style: jeans, boots, and a T-shirt.
Speaking Style: Archer is pretty cocky and has a smart mouth.
General Demeanor: Archer is the class clown, the one who is always cracking jokes, or riling someone up. He’s pretty happy go lucky most of the time.
Prejudices: Seth. He hates the guy.
Best Qualities: Archer is extremely loyal to his friends and family, especially Grace.
Weaknesses: his mouth often gets him into trouble.
Hobbies: staking vamps, and annoying Grace.
Talents: strength, above average speed, and the ability to suppress normal human functions such as slow his heart rate.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when we’ll be discussing the latest release in The Tate Chronicles: Fight For Me. Below is the book trailer to tide you over until then.

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