Meet Agent Smith: Babes In Spyland by Jo Ann Schneider

I am so excited to be introducing you to a new serial story by author Jo Ann Schneider. It’s funny. It’s mysterious. Meet the characters of Babes in Spyland. Today on my blog Agent Smith is visiting. There is also a giveaway on her blog so go and check it out! You could win a signed copy of the book.

Name: Agent Smith/Agent Sugar Lips
Height: 5’-4”
Years with The Super Secret Agency: New Recruit
Preferred Gun: Mark III Hi-Powered Browning Pistol
Strength: She can play men like a professional violinist
Weakness: Cute shoes
Name origin: *Graduates from “Agent Smith” due to Rob Harker and the taste of a neurotoxin


It didn’t help that Agent Smith had to stand up straight to get to the five foot four inch mark. That’s why she usually wore heels. That and they made her legs look fantastic.

The two men in suits coming down the hall seemed to think so. Agent Smith smiled as they passed, knowing her red lipstick was in perfect order.

Super Secret Agent Supervisor Mud shook her head. “I’m on a tight schedule. Your partner should be in her office. I will make introductions and give the two of you your first assignment.”

Agent Smith nodded. They passed several doors that bore tarnished, brass nameplates engraved with names like Black Turtle, Water Sprite, and Bed Head.

babesinspylandBabes in Spyland can be purchased on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats.
Genre: Serial, Mystery, Humor
Goodreads Link
Description: The Super Secret Agency battles crime on a level that shouldn’t exist. Agents Milkshakes, Sugar Lips, Agents Amphibian Queen, and Bunnynose face off against the likes of mimes, Homebase Security, the lines at the porta potties, exploding puzzle boxes, baseball fanatics, a zombie flash mob, and the fish that got away to name a few. Follow these lovely girls of mystery as they are called on to escort a tanker of ‘happy’ milk to Billy Bonka’s chocolate factory. Or their task to infiltrate the mysterious island posing as free range chicken specialists— Chicktopia. And not to mention, the perfect storm of trouble that lies in red light districts, a run through “The Pen”, cock fights, and a betrayal they never saw coming. All while looking good.

Bed Head? What was this, the department of bad names?



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