A-Z Blogging Challenge: M is for Mustard..

letter-m-iconM is for Mustard. My husband laughs at me as do many of my friends when they find out how passionately I hate mustard. Let me tell you how it all started. I was about 7 years old. My mom had asked me to make a sandwich for my sister for lunch. I took two pieces of bread, put mustard on them, and then added some bologna.

After I gave my sister said sandwich my mom came back in the room and made me eat it because that was not what she meant by making a sandwich. I ended up throwing up, crying, and running to the neighbors house because I was mad at my mom. Since this tragic event – tragic as a little kid – I cannot eat mustard. The smell and the taste makes me want to barf. In fact, if even a little touches or gets on something I am eating I cannot eat it.

The only thing I can mildly stand it in is potato salad but even then it’s iffy. I have to make my own.

Do you have anything food-wise that you just cannot stand?

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