A-Z Blogging Challenge: K is for Kevin..

letter-k-iconK is for Kevin. What’s in a name? I bet you would be surprised to know that my middle name is Kevin. In fact, out of my five sisters three of us have boy middle names. Go figure. I really think my father at some point was hoping for a boy. My older sister was named after our grandmother’s brother Rolley. It’s a very Italian name. I was named after my mother’s brother Kevin who was taken at an early age and hit by a car. And one of my younger sisters is named after our grandfather Tony.

As I’ve had children we decided to not give our girls middle names. We want their middle name to be their maiden name just in case we never have any boys. If we do ever have another child and it’s a boy he will have a middle name. It’s a family thing with sons on his father’s side.

So, who out there has an unusual middle name?

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  1. Catherine White - Oak Lawn Lady says:

    My middle name is Frances, but it was my first name when I was born. My grandmother wanted it changed in case the next child was a boy (which he was), so he could be named after her late husband (our late grandfather, Francis). That’s how my brother Frank got his name and mine ended up, being a middle name, spelled with an ‘e’ not and ‘i’
    Families are so strange, when it comes to naming their children, are they not?
    Enjoyed your post.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

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