#IWSG: How Do I Get Passed This Block?

IWSG post for December.

This fall has been a wild ride for me. I feel like one minute I have so many ideas and the next I have no idea what I want to commit to paper or computer. Some of my road blocks, so to speak, have been actually writing down the ideas. It’s like there is some part of me that is afraid of failing and committing it to paper. Have you ever felt afraid of success and just decide to already doom yourself to failure by not writing it down?

I’ve had a lot of inspiration with my current WIP. I cry as it comes to me. The order of the chapters and the additional scenes to planned chapters. And yet something keeps holding me back. For a long time I just had this idea and not much more than that. There were several years where I just had a few pages of things I’d written. This story has morphed a lot and finally I know I have the hook. I have it and yet for some reason I cannot sit down to finish it.

I find myself getting distracted by just about anything else. I do blame a bit of it on growing another person inside of me and going through 4 months of morning sickness. Who wants to do anything when you feel like such crap! But now that I am fine, what is my problem?! I think this post was more for me this month. Writing out the problem helps me to recognize it.

Am I crazy or has anyone else out there had the same experience? It’s not writer’s block in the usual sense.

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4 Responses

  1. Being pregnant might have something to do it. Check with author Cassie Mae – she wrote several books while pregnant and might have some tips for you.
    Otherwise, don’t stress! Some ideas just take a long time to simmer.

  2. K. A. Last says:

    I feel this way all the time. This writing thing is scary. I have the next part of Grace’s story all mapped out in my head and lots of notes in my notebook, but I always find excuses not to sit down and write. I’m not going to let it stress me though. When I’m ready it will come 🙂 I hope you get past this because what I’ve read of your writing so far – it’s amazing.

    • R.K. Grow says:

      Thank you Kim! I am glad to know I am not alone. It’s been a tough fall for me. It’s hard to get myself back on track. Good luck getting Grace’s story written down. I love your characters and I cannot wait to discover more.

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