#ISWG Finding A Perfect Ending

This is for my October ISWG post.

Can I just tell you how much I love my new writing group? I’ve only been one time but the help they’ve already given me—and the friendship—is amazing. It’s nice to be in a group where everyone is focused or can focus on writing and getting published. And change can be a good thing. New people who have new insights to your writing is very helpful.

I titled this post “Finding A Perfect Ending” but not because I have a magical formula. My book Letters For Ellie is a little different than your average fantasy, YA, paranormal, or fiction novel. Each chapter is a letter written to Ellie from her mother Rachel. When I started writing this a few years ago I didn’t have in mind what chapter went first, etc. I just knew what chapters needed to be written and I figured I would deal with the order when I was done. Thanks to my writing group they helped me identify the chapter that was the emotional climax. Then later that same night I knew what the last four chapters needed to be. I had an epiphany.

I am now working on those last chapters. Everything is coming together and it feels right. Other writers will know what I am talking about. All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

For me, my perfect ending has several emotional climaxes, a resolution, and a beautiful epilogue.

What perfect ending are you working on right now?


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8 Responses

  1. Beverley Fox says:

    You know you’re on the right path when everything starts clicking into place- that elusive magic of the end. Enjoy it!

    Thanks for participating in IWSG!
    Love, Bev
    (October IWSG co-host)

  2. That sounds so nice! I wish my books would cooperate like that. ^.^ To be honest, the ending I’m working on is long and away. That’s what I get for going for epic fantasy the first time, am I right? I’m curious to learn more about Letters for Ellie, so please do keep going! I can’t wait to read it!

    • R.K. Grow says:

      Nicohle, it took a long time for them to cooperate! 🙂 I have an idea for an epic fantasy series and I am pushing that way off until I can have the time I need to research it. And because you’ll have more than one book, you’ve got lots of endings and beginnings. Good luck! I took a year off from writing Letters for Ellie because of a pregnancy and birth of our third daughter last year. I am now back in the swing of things. And because what I am writing is so emotional, it takes a lot out of me and I cannot write about it every day. Sometimes I need a break. Fun fact: I named my daughter Ellie. The character and her mother were such a part of me that it was like giving birth, which I did.

      • O.O Such personal touches to your story, and to name your daughter Ellie… Goodness, I hope she reads that book and realizes how much love you have for her!

        And yes, you are right, there are a ton of beginnings and endings in my books, it makes me weep thinking about making them all work. XD

        It sounds like a ton of fun, though, and I wish you the best of luck with your epic fantasy too!

      • R.K. Grow says:

        What is your epic fantasy about? Mine is about faeries.

      • Mine is about a country entirely dependant on it’s God for everything, and how it deals with it when that presence is proven false and taken away. ^.^

        What kind of Faeries? Old-school? Or are we talking Urban Fantasy? O.O I love me some Faeries.

      • R.K. Grow says:

        Nicohle we are talking old-school. There is a faerie for each element and they’ve been protected by certain families all over the world for generations. One family has decided they want to take over the Faerie world and you can guess from there. I have some preliminary work done and ideas on stories but that is as far as I’ve gotten.

      • That sounds LOVELY! <3 Oh man, that's definitely going on my 'must read' list. XD Anything with faeries and old world politics? Sign me up!

        Also, thank you for spelling my name right!

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