A-Z Blogging Challenge: I is for Italy..

483-Troilus-and-Criseyde-II-In-May-initial-cap-q85-500x500-2B27E90E76104C7449D08971AF147549I is for Italy. Italia. My father and all of his family are full-blooded Italians which makes me half Italian. Our roots are in the region of Calabria (Reggio di Calabria) which rests just above Sicily’s boot. My Italian family is fun, loud and crazy! 🙂 But I wouldn’t trade them for anything. The following is a fun, true story we’ve heard growing up and at family reunions. I wish this telling had more details but I think you’ll get the picture.

My great great great grandfather worked for the mafia at one time as a driver. Our last name at that time was Catona. At one point he wanted to stop working for them. This did not go over very well with the bosses and they told him if he tried to leave he’d be killed. I assume he knew too much. Maybe he drove around way too many people who ended up in the river the next day. He quickly moved his family and then jumped the fence, so to speak, to America. He changed his last name to Callor and that is the maiden name I was born into. Quite an exciting family story! Some day I’d like to go to Italy and see if we have any living relatives still there. I would love to meet them!

Do you have any crazy family stories?


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2 Responses

  1. bcallor says:

    I agree with you cugina, cousin. I am very proud of my Italian blood. However, I recently heard another story regarding our Italian heritage that made me rethink my strong desire to visit Italia in search of our roots. The story goes, one of our aunts called around looking for a young lady who had info regarding our family and the young lady disappeared. The only information that came back from Italy to our inquiring aunt was a request for contact information. She, of course, did not respond. If I remember correctly there was also a request for a large sum of money. Not a ransom but freaky enough to stay clear of the situation.

    • R.K. Grow says:

      Brandon that is definitely one story I have not heard before. Crazy. I really would love to meet our family over there. I know they are there.

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