I am grateful for…

This time of year brings me hope that the world can become a better place. I see so much service being given to those in need and I have had a hand in that a few times over the years. There is nothing better than that feeling of seeing a smile on a child’s face or a parent’s face when they thought no one out there cared anymore.

I am so grateful for my family near and far. I wish that my siblings lived closer. I do miss spending time with them and getting to know their kids and watch them grow up. I miss my mom. I am grateful that my father and step-mom are near as well as my grandmother. I am grateful for my husband’s family and for the service they give to us by helping to watch our girls.

I am especially grateful for my husband who is always supportive of my dreams and encourages me to reach for them. He is my best friend, father of my children, partner in crime, etc. I cannot even imagine my life without him.  He feels my soul to infinity and beyond. The love he gives to me fills me up and lights my way during dark times. I always feel safe with him near.

I am very grateful for my two beautiful daughters. They are my life. I’ve always wanted to be a mother as long as I can remember. I remembered thinking when I got married that I couldn’t imagine loving someone so much. I never thought the love I felt for my husband could be matched until I held my first daughter in my arms after she was born. Even though there are those days when they drive me crazy and tears flow, I hope they know how much I love and care for them. I want to protect them. I hope I can instill all the wisdom I learned from my parents and raise them to be good people.

I am not sure why this year has been more emotional than usual. I’ve just been thinking more and more about what really counts.

I had the opportunity to go out shopping at midnight for Black Friday with my girlfriends. We had a blast even though we were all tired. I saw the thousands of crazy shoppers out trying to get a good deal and I was surely one of them. It made me realize how much we have missed the mark. Did we really need to be out buying stuff? I know my daughter wanted slippers and she needed boots but could I really have waited? Probably. The real reason for the season is somehow being lost in the commercialization of Christmas. I want my children to grow up knowing the reason we give gifts and to serve those around us. In the end, the most important thing to me is my family and friends not how many presents are under the tree. I cannot take those things with me when I leave this earth but I can take the memories shared with those I love and the experiences I have. I would go again on Black Friday even if I had nothing to buy. I cherish the memories I made with my friends and the time we spent together.

I don’t think I intended for all of that to come out when I started writing this post about gratitude. I truly feel so blessed in my life. I’ve had so many answers to my prayers. I’ve felt the love of those around me and their support. When we really needed things we were blessed through others and I will never forget their kindnesses.

I am grateful for my job, the clothes on my back, the food on my table and the roof over my head. I am grateful for the knowledge that He lives and that He died for us. May all of you enjoy the true spirit of the season that is upon us. Hold your loved ones tight. Tell them you love them. Go and make memories to last.


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