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letter-h-iconH is for Hobe’. Camp Hobe’ that is. There are moments in our lives where we have an amazing opportunity to give back and serve others. Camp Hobe’ was one such experience for me. I knew when I’d gotten older that I wanted to honor my sister and somehow volunteer at Primary Children’s Hospital or something cancer-related. My roommate at the time was working at the hospital as a nurse and saw a flyer one day talking about a cancer camp for patients and their siblings. I’d just missed the deadline for that year. I decided it sounded like a great opportunity and waited for a year.

Camp Hobe’ is a special summer camp experience designed for children currently being treated for cancer and their siblings. Their mission is to create an atmosphere that enhances self-esteem, fosters independence and friendships, and creates a sense of belonging. Here is a video about the camp.

I volunteered originally during Kid’s Week as a cabin counselor for the first two years. I was then asked to be part of the staff and for the next seven years I was the Teen Program Director. Camp Hobe’ gave me the opportunity to give back in the name of my sister. There was something called Candle Lighters when we were young to go to but there was not a camp. I wish Camp Hobe’ had been around when I was young. My life has been changed being around these wonderful kids. I do not take life for granted. Each day is special and every moment with your family should be spent enjoying each other. Enjoy the moment. As volunteers we knew who the kids were that had cancer. If you were just observing the kids you would never know the difference unless there was something on the outside that gave it away.

If you are ever thinking about volunteering in the state of Utah or even if you are out of state pick Camp Hobe’. The staff is wonderful to work with and the site in Tooele is awesome. If you have any questions about Hobe’ I’d be happen to answer them.

Have you ever volunteered in your community and if so, what did you do?

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