Guest Post: World Building by Brian Rathbone

So many topics were on my list for guest posts this month. World building is something I am very interested in as I have a fantasy series I need to do this with. I am so glad Indie Author Brian Rathbone has joined us today to talk about the incredible world of Godsland that he created.

brianWorld Building

I’m not certain I built Godsland; rather it grew. What started as a mere curiosity grew into an idea and finally into the stories that make up the Godsland series. The world didn’t fully become real to me until I wrote it. The idea was transient and shifted, and the drafts also evolved. Once the books were published, however, that changed. This world was no longer just in my head, it was in the minds of my readers, and I knew I had a responsibility to treat our world with great care.

The idea that created Godsland came out of my love of Greek mythology. I was always fascinated that so many people could believe that such fantastic tales were not only true, but that they should live their lives by them. It occurred to me that perhaps our world experiences brief ages of power during which fantastical things are commonplace. I wondered what could cause such a periodic window of power, and comets came to mind. These lonely objects soar through space on enormous elliptical orbits that leave them in deep space much of the time, until they drift back close to our star and become visible in our night skies.

Comets had always struck me as magical because of their self-illumination. I knew comets came from the Oort cloud and could be pulled out of the cloud and sent hurling through space by the gravity of a nearby planet, and I imagined a large planet drifting very close and throwing a huge stream of comets on a nearly identical orbit. I imagined this storm of comets returning to the night skies every three-thousand years and lasting for over a hundred and fifty years. Thus was born Istra, Goddess of the Night, and the World of Godsland.


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callofheraldBio: Brian Rathbone is a former standardbred horse trainer turned technology junkie and fantasy writer. When Brian isn’t writing, he can usually be found advocating for increased access to broadband Internet access in rural areas or spoiling his cats–it’s a toss up, really.

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