Guest Post: 3 Secrets of Successful Promotion in Self Publishing by Adam Torkildson

I am very excited to have Adam Torkildson with us today. Adam has some great tips for authors on how to successfully promote a book. Promotion is huge whether you are traditionally published or self published and any help we can get is awesome! I like how he boils it down to 3 steps.

3 Secrets of Successful Promotion in Self Publishing

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with too much advice on how to promote your self published book? Well these 3 things should keep you on the straight and narrow, and get some book sales.

Be Intriguing
There are plenty of great tools out there for people who want to self publish. I don’t have a personal favorite, since I’ve never published a book. But they do exist. And you can google them pretty easily I’ll bet. You’re going to end up putting out your book, and maybe knocking the price down to .99 on Amazon. And your book is going to be purchased by your friends and family and social network. Maybe 40 copies. You and all the other 100 thousand self publishing authors will do this. I’ve seen it. But only you will have the secret of how to ‘be intriguing’ guiding your next move. I assume you have a website (if you don’t, I’ll build you a killer one for $100, just because I’m nice). If it’s built in WordPress (which is the only software I use to build sites), you’re already ahead of 80% of the pack. If you’re using mailchimp to send out email newsletters and get subscribers from your site, you’re ahead of 95% of the pack. And if you’re pumping out killer email content at least twice a month, you’re ahead of 99% of the self published authors out there. And that makes you seriously intriguing. Now the next question is, how do you get all these new visitors and email subscribers? Keep reading.

Be Writing
I know you. You’ve spent all this time writing, revising, rewriting, and editing your book for months and months. I’ll bet you’re sort of sick of writing. But there is one tool available to you that will help you get free content (really good stuff too by the way, not crap from India), and help you get your articles published on other people’s sites at the same time. It’s called, and you should live there. I’m telling you right now, if you want to get other people writing stuff for your site, and getting your blog posts published on other’s sites, this is the one stop shop. There are 2 major benefits of getting blog posts published on other’s sites that at least 60% of self published authors probably don’t know. 1) The SEO value of getting articles published at other people’s blogs is tremendous. 50% of any SEO campaign involves ‘guest posting’ at relevant sites. I know, I worked at, and ran my own SEO company for a few years. If you want some free advice on how SEO works, email me ( I respond immediately. The 2nd major benefit of guest posting is the traffic potential these other sites can give to you. Many sites will only send 1 or 2 visits after a successful guest post. Others can send 100’s over time. And if you have all your articles link to your own author site, with an email newsletter subscription button front and center when they visit your site, then you’ve just started getting new readers of your content, and therefore potential buyers of your book.

Be Reading
The third secret of success is getting yourself some national/local media coverage. It’s really easy, it just requires you to read; and sign up for This service will send you 3 emails a day of journalists looking for sources on anything and everything in the world. I’ve gotten coverage in MSN, Forbes, WSJ, and plenty of others through this simple, free service. Now how you go about ‘pitching’ these journalists is a cat and mouse game that does not have a secret formula. You just have to be persistent, and follow these simple rules: 1) Be relevant, or don’t bother. 2) See #1 3) Limit your pitch to 100 words or so, unless otherwise specified. I use HARO every day for my own clients (I’m a Senior Associate at a PR Agency in Utah) and I’m always playing with how to pitch, when, and to where. It’s a science, and one that just requires a time investment.

As with any marketing/promotion program, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. If what I have outlined above doesn’t generate you at least 100 new email subscribers in 60 days, I’ll send you a code worth $100 in free advertising on Google. No strings. My cell is 801-602-9873, you have my email, and I always respond. Caveats to the above statement:

  1. Your site must be built in WordPress, with a newsletter subscribe button on the home page, above the fold.
  2. You must post at least 3 guest posts a week on other’s sites.
  3. Your name cannot be Brock, Devin, or Christina. (weird I know, but it’s my money, so I get to choose)

adam-torkildsonBio: Adam is Senior Associate at Snapp Conner PR located in South Jordan, UT. He mainly works on building out additional service offerings for current and future Snapp clients, specifically things related to SEO and Social/Viral Marketing. Adam’s specialties are Speaking Engagements, SEO Strategy, PR, Branding, Efficiency and Productivity

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