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I love writing conferences. Not only do you get to meet your online friends from Twitter and Facebook in the writing world but a font of knowledge is waiting to be discovered. I love mingling with other writers and hearing their success stories. I love to meet my favorite authors and find new ones.

Utah was recently called the Geekiest/Nerdiest State. I am proud of that title. We also have such a wonderful writing community. So many willing to help and share their knowledge. This list consists of writing conferences in Utah for the first half of 2015. I hope to meet up with some of you this year. Let’s get our writing on!

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX
January 29-31, 2015 | Salt Palace SLC, UT | Registration
Several local and national authors will be doing signings and panels at the Comic Con. And an added bonus of geeking out with vendors and celebrities from movies and television shows.

LTUE Fantasy & Sci Fi Conference 
February 12-14, 2015Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Provo, UT | Registration
LTUE is a three-day academic symposium on all aspects of science fiction and fantasy. Comprised of panels, presentations and papers on writing, art, literature, film, gaming and other facets of speculative fiction, LTUE is a place to learn all about life, the universe, and everything else you love. The symposium is, most importantly, a gathering place for fans of our creative and innovative world to hang out and share their love of all things amazing, obscure, and even not-quite-real.

Writing For Charity
March 21, 2015 | Provo Library at Academy Square, Provo, UT | Registration
Writing for Charity is a seminar/workshop for children’s book writers, put on by professional authors in Utah who want to give back to their community and the world.  The conference was founded by Shannon Hale, NYT Bestselling Author and Newberry Honor Recipient.

April 16-18, 2015 | Details Coming Soon
IndieReCon is a writing conference geared towards self-publishing. This conference is held online. Register on their site to receive updates about the conference.

LDS Storymakers Conference
May 15-1, 2015Utah Valley Conference Center, Provo, Utah (next to downtown Provo Marriott) | Registration
This is the annual writer’s conference for LDSStorymakers. LDStorymakers, Inc. is an author’s guild for published authors who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All LDS authors who meet the membership requirements are invited to join. Anyone can attend the conference.

Indie Author Hub
June 19-20, 2015 | Courtyard Marriott, Provo, UT | Registration
This is the annual Writer’s Conference for Indie Author Hub. This group supports LDS independently published authors and provides a voice for them in the ever-changing publishing market. LDS indie authors of all genres and markets are welcome. Anyone can attend the conference.

Writers at Work
June 10-13, 2015 | Commanders House, University of Utah Campus | Registration
Writers @ Work, a nationally-known independent writer’s organization, has successfully promoted and supported a creative writing community–locally, regionally and nationally–for twenty-eight years. While attending W@W events writers can hone their skills and meet to discuss their work with fellow writers, agents, editors and publishers.

Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers
June TBA, 2015 | Waterford School, Sandy, Utah | Registration
Our number one goal? Help you become the best writer you can become. Yes, publication is important and we want that. Nothing is more exciting than finding out an attendee has sold a book or gotten an agent or both! But our number one goal has always been to teach people to write well. The Assistants and I have spoken about how this conference is like a mini-MFA—at a fraction of the cost—with the goal of publication becoming a reality for more and more who attend.

Teen Writers Conference
June 13, 2015 | Weber State University, Ogden, UT | Registration
The Teen Writers Conference is an event put together each year by Teen Writers Inc. A non-profit corporation whose mission is to encourage teens to learn the craft of great writing and better utilize the unique opportunities they have available to them at this time in their life. Our board of directors is made up of authors published in a variety of genres, all of whom have extensive experience in writing, publishing, editing, and presenting.

Photo credit: Robin A Burrows

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