First Milestone Giveaway!

My little website and  my other social media pages have been hitting and getting close to some major milestones.

Twitter: 500+ followers, none of them paid for 🙂
Facebook: 93 likes, goal is to reach 100
Website: 9,346 views, goal is to reach 10,000

Help me reach my goals for Facebook and the website so we can have an awesome giveaway! What do you need to do if you decide to take this mission upon yourself? Simply go to my Facebook page or look at other posts on this site. Also, tell your friends who are writers or like to read books and would like some great recommendations. Everyone wins!

Thank you so much to all those who are already supporting me. It really means a lot. We’ve come so far in just 8 short months. And if you need some incentive…. $10 Amazon GC, Free eBooks and perhaps a signed book or two of my favorite books over the last eight months. What are you waiting for?!

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