D is for Dead Can Dance..


D is for Dead Can Dance. The duo of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. I first discovered DCD when I was in 9th grade. There was a compilation out called Lonely As An Eyesore by 4AD records. They had a few songs on there along with other 4AD artists. I instantly loved them and bought the first album on vinyl called Within The Realm of a Dying Sun.

I find their music to be passionate and soulful. Brendan and Lisa have the most amazing voices. I have had the awesome privilege to see them twice in concert now and both times I am left speechless and moved beyond words. Both Lisa and Brendan of DCD went on to do their own solo careers and other musical ventures as well as a new album every few years.

Here is a link to their YouTube top videos. If you’ve recently watched The Bible series on the History channel you will have heard Lisa Gerrard’s haunting vocals. I love all of their music and I have several favorites. But this one that I am embedding the video for is one that I will have played at my funeral whenever that day comes. This song called Sanvean makes me cry every time. Take a quiet moment to listen to this and close your eyes.

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