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I’ve been waiting for this book to come out for a long time. Sarah and I are in the same writing group and we’ve been reading chapters and versions for a while now. So excited for all of you to get a chance to read Midnight Sisters, a twist on the class fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses, by Sarah E. Boucher. Don’t forget to enter the raffle at the bottom for an Amazon gift card.







Sarah has written a character sketch so we can get to know the characters in the book. Today we’ll be introduced to Jonas Selkirk. He is one of my favorites!

Meet Jonas:

Philip growled at the plant in front of him.

“Is there something particularly irritating about that rose bush today, sir?” I asked.

He let out a hmph, shoved his bangs out of his eyes, and turned his glare on me. “Women.”

I squinted at him. “Women, sir?”

“Yes,” he growled out, stabbing violently at the rose bush with a trowel.

“Anything specific you’d like to impart on the subject?” When I’d first come to his estate, I wouldn’t have dreamed of baiting my master in this way. But I knew the plants would take the brunt of his ill humor.

“A good woman is worth her weight in gold, Jonas.” He pushed his bangs out of his eyes again. “But she will probably never let you forget it.” He jabbed at the plant again. “And neither will her sister.”

I nodded slowly and turned my attention back to weeding. “Enlightening, sir.”

“Two weeks and you’ll be off on a new adventure, Jonas.” He didn’t look up from his work. “Mind you keep your head down and don’t flirt with the women.”

I thought of the new position he’d procured for me in a household so much more grand than his own. “The Earl of Bromhurst’s daughters are said to be very beautiful.”

“Each more beautiful than the last, they say. More reason to keep your nose clean,” he grumbled. “Who needs a hoity toity noblewoman in his life?”

A grin tugged at my lips. “Even if she’s very, very beautiful?”

He scoffed. “Find yourself a willing milkmaid, Jonas.” A sardonic gleam burned in his eye. “Avoid the noblewomen. And watch out for bossy kitchen wenches.”

Midnight sisters is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.
Genre: YA
Goodreads Link
Description: Do not meddle with the master’s daughters.

The words rattle around Jonas’s head. What is the punishment again? Death? Dismemberment? Jonas, the newest addition to the gardening staff, can’t recall the exact penalty for breaking the rule. What does it matter anyway? He would never dream of meddling with the Earl of Bromhurst’s haughty daughters.

Until he comes face to face with Lady Ariela, the eldest of the Master’s daughters.

Her elusive smile and open manner cause him to question his convictions. In no time, he’s drawn into Lady Ariela’s world of mystery and intrigue, a world where she and her sisters will do anything—including leaving twelve empty beds at midnight—to escape their father’s strict rules.

Only Jonas can uncover the truth and save them from their father’s wrath and their own folly, if he is willing to risk everything he’s ever worked for.

Becoming Beauty, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Find Becoming Beauty on AmazonBarnes & Noblebooks & thingsiTunes, and Goodreads. For the duration of the blog tour (January 9-20) Becoming Beauty in eBook will be 99 cents!

Author Bio: Sarah E. Boucher is a lover of fairy stories, romance, anything BBC and Marvel, and really, really cute shoes. On weekdays she wears respectable shoes and serves as Miss Boucher, the Queen of Kindergarten. On school holidays she writes stories about romance and adventure. And wears impractical super cute shoes.

Sarah is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She lives and works in northern Utah. Midnight Sisters is her second novel.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram

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