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Today we have a guest blogger with us, author Cas Peace. I hope you enjoy getting to know more about her and her latest book King’s Artesan (Artesans of Albia #3) from Rhemalda Publishing. I thought it would be fun to interview some of the main character’s from the book. Enjoy!

Cas Peace

Character Interviews

First I would like to thank Rebekah for inviting me onto her blog. My characters really enjoyed answering her questions, and I hope you all enjoy reading them.

Much obliged, Rebekah!

Taran Elijah: Where do you come from? I come from a small hamlet in Loxton Province, which is in central Albia. It’s called Hyecombe and I’ve lived there all my life. It’s a farming community mostly, and we grow much of our own food. Anything else we need, we get from Shenton, which is a small town to the east, or Tolk, which is a much larger town to the south of the Downs. A mail coach goes between Tolk, Hyecombe and Shenton, and we can ride on that if we need to. Otherwise, it’s hire a horse and cart, or a riding horse. Hyecombe is a friendly place to live, at least, if you’re not an Artesan. My father, Amanus, was the first ever Artesan born in Hyecombe, and because of the growing mistrust of our kind, we had to be very careful about who knew what we were. Our village Elder, Paulus, who’s also the tavern keeper, was a good friend to my father and it’s only due to his friendship and influence with the other villagers that I was able to stay in Hyecombe after my father died. I owe a lot to Paulus.   

Describe your physical appearance. Oh. I’ve never really thought about this much. I’m quite tall, I suppose, just under six feet. I’m quite fit, because all the young men in our village work at sword-training, at least some of the time. Well, you never know when outlanders might come raiding. By outlanders, I mean races from beyond the Veils, like the Andaryans. You might have heard them called demons, but that’s only what ignorant people call them. Sorry, I’m not saying you’re ignorant or anything. I have straight, light- brown hair and hazel eyes. My father used to say I had my mother’s eyes. I don’t remember her, she died when I was little. I think I have quite a pleasant-looking face – at least, no one’s ever said I was ugly.

Give us 5 words that describe your personality. This is quite hard. I’m hard-working – at least, I try to be. My father didn’t used to think so. I’m honest. I’m a good friend – I took Cal in after meeting him and realizing he was an Artesan, like me. I also gave a home to Rienne, the healer who became his life mate. I can be courageous when push comes to shove, although I try not to go looking for trouble! The worst part of my personality is that I don’t have much self-confidence. Growing up an Artesan in a place that hates them isn’t easy, and my father wasn’t the sort of person to encourage or praise. It’s the part of me I like the least.

What is the thing you want most in this life? That’s easy. To learn as much about my powers as possible. To fulfill my potential, and to reach Adept-elite, the rank my father held before he died. It would have made him so proud. Becoming a powerful Artesan is all I dream of.

What/Who do you fight for? Before I met Major Sullyan and had my life changed beyond all recognition, I would have fought to defend my home, or my friends. I also fought for every little advancement in my powers, although I never fought nearly hard enough, according to my father. Now, I fight for the King, for Sullyan, and for the safety of our Albian way of life. 

Major Sullyan: Where do you come from? I wish I knew. I am an orphan, and was found placed on someone’s doorstep in a village in the Downs. I was a tiny baby, abandoned by her parents. The only thing I know for sure is that I do not originate in this place. I know it because of the way I look, and the way I speak, which is quite different to anyone else in the Downs. Or in Albia, for that matter. 

Describe your physical appearance. The most striking thing about me is that my eyes are golden. Not yellow, golden. No one else I know has eyes like mine. My hair is a mixture of auburn, gold, and light brown, that most people describe as tawny. I have never met anyone else with hair that color. I am quite small and I look delicate, which leads some people to think I am weak. I am not.

Give us 5 words that describe your personality. I am loyal – some people say fiercely so. I also hate those who take advantage of weaker, or less able people, and for that I have been described as a champion. Because of my Artesan gifts I am powerful, but I never use my talents for personal gain. I do not crave personal advancement, nor do I wish to rise above others, so in that respect I am unambitious. I form deep attachments to those who care about me, so I am also generous and loving. That is six words, but I could not leave one of them out and still be truthful. And there you have a seventh.

What is the thing you want most in this life? Ever since I was a child, my spirit yearned to find the place where I belonged. Not knowing my origins, and being raised in a place where I was not welcome left me with a void I was desperate to fill. My chance meeting with General Blaine of the Manor, and the circumstances of that meeting, opened doors for me I never knew existed. He showed me a place I could make my own, a place where I was valued, and for that I am eternally grateful.

What/Who do you fight for? When I was young, I fought to find out who I was. Once I moved to the Manor, I fought to be permitted to take what I knew was my rightful place. After that, I fought for General Blaine and King Elias. Many times, I fought for my life. Now, I will fight to uphold the laws of Albia, to defend my friends and family to my very last breath, and to uphold the rights of every Artesan to accept and grow in their talents. It is who I am.

Robin Tamsen: Where do you come from? I was born in Lychdale, a small community in Garon Province, in the west of Albia. I lived there with my father and mother. My younger sister, Jessy, too, until she died of a wasting disease. My uncle is the village blacksmith. I was accepted into the local garrison and trained there until Major Sullyan found me and persuaded me to join the King’s forces at the Manor. 

Describe your physical appearance. I’m quite tall, much taller than Sullyan. I’m very fit, because of all the training, sword-fighting, and horse riding we do. I have short, dark, curly hair and very dark-blue eyes. I’ve been told I’m quite good-looking – Sullyan calls me handsome. I like to think so, because she’s so beautiful. She deserves to be with someone handsome. 

Give us 5 words that describe your personality. I don’t suffer fools gladly! Those would be my five chosen words, although other words have been used to describe me. General Blaine calls me rash and hotheaded, and I guess he’s right. I know I used to be, when I was younger. I think I’ve matured a bit, since then. Parren calls me witch-lover, and one day he’ll pay for that. I’m very loyal, to Sullyan, and to the King, and I’m a good leader of men. I also like to think I’m a good friend.

What is the thing you want most in this life? When I was younger, the thing I most wanted was to be able to save my sister, Jessy. I couldn’t, and it broke my heart. I tried to forget the pain by enlisting in the King’s forces, but it didn’t really help. Then Sullyan came along, and I fell in love. Now, my dearest wish is for us to be together for the rest of our lives.

What/Who do you fight for? Well, I’m Oath-sworn to the High King, Elias, so of course I fight for him. But I’ve fought for many things in my life. I fought for Jessy, and lost. I fought for Sullyan, when I was sure I’d lost her too. I fought Parren, that slimy, useless, treacherous waste of food, and I would fight anyone who threatened the people I loved. I’m a swordsman, and a Captain – it’s what I do.

Sonten: Where do you come from? What business is that of yours? Oh well, if you must know …. I was born into the ruling family of Durkos, a province in Andaryon. My father was a weak man who died by his own hand. He didn’t run the province well and it was in a mess by the time I took it over. I soon turned it around, though! All it needed was a firm hand and the enforcement of some strict laws. What my father failed to grasp was that you need power in order to secure your place in this world – he failed to use his, and paid the ultimate price. I wasn’t going to make the same, stupid mistake!  

Describe your physical appearance. It’s obvious, isn’t it? You can see that I’m a fine figure of Andaryan nobility! I wear the finest clothes and purchase only the costliest swords. Well, I am the Duke’s General, you know. I have a reputation to keep up. What do you mean, I’m fat? I am not fat, how dare you? I can still wield this sword, you know, as many who have angered me have learned to their cost. Keep a civil tongue if you don’t want to feel its edge! 

Give us 5 words that describe your personality. That is quite an intrusive question, and I’m not sure you’ve earned the right to ask it. But if you really want to know— I am a talented General. I am a firm but fair commander, unless you cross me. I am highly effective at getting results, whether it’s information or a victory on the battlefield. I am ambitious and thirst after the power which befits my station in life. I am certainly deserving of better than ruling a simple province! I would make a strong Hierarch for Andaryon – certainly stronger than Pharikian, the current, ancient incumbent.

What is the thing you want most in this life? Weren’t you listening? I already told you that! It’s a good job you’re not under my command, you wouldn’t last a day. Power, you lackwit, that’s what everyone wants. You don’t get anywhere without power. If only my useless father had passed on his Artesan powers! Why did I have to be born to such a weak and spineless man? But it won’t stop me – you’ll see. I have plans, I do, strong plans. And strong allies. That’s what you need to get on in life, and that’s what I intend to do.

What/Who do you fight for? Me, of course! Who else? What’s the point of fighting for something unless it benefits you? Who else is going to get you the things you want in life if you don’t fight for them? No one, that’s who. Oh, alright, you might need to start by allying yourself to someone stronger. That’s what I did, and it was a smart move. But don’t think I intend to sit on someone else’s robe-tails forever. Oh no. Once I’m in a position to show my hand, nothing will stop me taking what’s rightfully mine. What I deserve. No one.

Now leave me alone, I’ve got more important things to do than waste time on a lackwit like you.

KAKing’s Artesan (Artesans of Albia #3) is available on Rhemalda’s site, and B&N in paperback. eBook coming soon.
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
Goodreads link
Description: Unable to purge herself of the poison that is slowly killing her, Major Sullyan remains trapped in Andaryon. The only thing that can save her is the Staff, which still lies buried in Taran’s cellar.

Robin Tamsen sets out on a desperate quest to recover the artifact, but the enemy is two steps ahead of him. Sonten knows where the Staff is, and he will stop at nothing to get it back. If he does, Sullyan’s life will be forfeit and no Artesan will be safe.

The race for the Staff has begun.

Author Bio: As well as her love of horses, Cas is mad about dogs, especially Lurchers. She enjoys dog agility training and currently owns two rescue Lurchers, Milly and Milo. Milly has already had some success in the agility ring, and Milo will begin competing in late 2011.

Cas loves country walks, working in stained glass and folk singing. She has also written a nonfiction book, “For the Love of Daisy,” which tells the life story of her beautiful Dalmatian.


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