Author Spotlight: Ann Marie Meyers

spotlight-clipart-hollywood-searchlight-clipart-1The next author spotlight is on first-time published author Anne Marie Meyer. She donated an eBook copy of Up in the Air for the giveaway. Her writing is a delight. She’ll make you laugh, cry, and be reminded of what it’s like to be a child. Ann Marie has written the sequel to her debut novel and is waiting to hear back from the publisher. I am keeping my fingers crossed for her.

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Book Description: 
Ever since she can remember, ten-year-old Melody has always wanted to fly.

And when she leaps off a swing in the park one day and lands in the mystical realm of Chimeroan, her dream finally comes true. She is given a pair of wings. She can fly! Life cannot be any better.

Yet, dreams do come with a price. Even with wings, Melody realizes she cannot outfly the memories of her past. The car accident that has left her father paralyzed, and her unscarred, still plagues her with guilt—she believes that it was entirely her fault.

In Chimeroan, Melody is forced to come to terms with her part in her father’s accident. She must choose between the two things that have become the world to her: keeping her wings or healing her

Ann Marie Meyers_HeadshotAuthor Bio: ANN MARIE MEYERS grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. She has a degree in languages and translates legal and technical documents from French and Spanish into English. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and energetic daughter. Meyers is an active member of SCBWI and facilitates a children’s writing group twice a month.

authorlinks1Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | JFP Author Page

Don’t forget to enter to win a copy of Up in the Air. It’s a great book to read to your kids, have in your school library or classroom, and to just remember what it was like to dream big. Good luck!

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