#atozchallenge 2016: E is for Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm is a supernatural viscous substance that is supposed to exude from the body of a medium during a spiritualistic trance and form the material for the manifestation of spirits. The phenomenon usually occurs while mediums are either in communication with the dead or in a trance.  In relation to the transparent corporeal presence of a spirit or ghost, ectoplasm is the immaterial or ethereal substance defining its shape.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.06.29 AMI love movies. I love to watch them and talk about them. I collect them. I even dream about them when they become too intense. When I think of the word ectoplasm I think of the movie Ghostbusters or Poltergeist (the original one). I have personally not come into contact with ectoplasm so I thought I would share some photographs and videos that I’ve found while doing research for this blog posting. Let me warn you these are not pleasant photos and they appear to be strange and weird at times.


NOTE: Letters for this blog challenge were borrowed from a Pinterest board. Thank you Katrina for assembling these awesome letters from the web.

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