#atozchallenge 2016: B is for Battles

A battle is a violent fight in which people use weapons. It can be between two people, militarily it can be between countries, or groups of people wishing to win in the end.


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Hello again! I am so glad you came back for today’s topic on battles. For a definition of what a battle is check at the top of the page.

I am fairly new to the world of paranormal investigations. I have not personally seen too many battles but I’ve always loved reading about them, with ghosts, vampires, hauntings, demon hunters, etc. In every paranormal situation there is an epic battle. They are in countless books and movies. From the Twilight Saga to Rosemary’s Baby, great battles have been fought between good and evil, lycan and vampire, demon and human, etc. In the end, good usually triumphs over evil but not always. Take the book The Omen. Damien’s whole family is killed and he is left an orphan to be nurtured by his father’s followers. Evil won out in this story.

But what about when good does prevail, which is usually 90% of the time. Life does not go on as normal. Our hero’s and heroines are kicked around and changed in many ways. Look at Frodo Baggins. The burden of the evil ring weighed so heavily on his mind until it got the better of him and had Gollum not bitten it off of his finger, who knows what would’ve happened. Frodo was never the same person. None of the fellowship members were that set out to destroy the ring from Rivendell.  After such a great battle has weighed on your heart and mind, body and soul, you are never the same. And would you want to be?

Do you have some favorite battles from books or movies?

NOTE: Letters for this blog challenge were borrowed from a Pinterest board. Thank you Katrina for assembling these awesome letters from the web.



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  1. Inner battles are definitely the most hard fought, whether you win or lose I agree, you’re never the same afterwards. I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to how I was a few years ago. Personal growth and self improvement for good or for bad!

    My favourite battles in stories…. now that’s a tricky one… There are so many great ones. Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth series had some amazing battles in the series the ones that stand out for me are the ones in Blood of the Fold and later in Faith of the Fallen the battle tactics were brilliant. The armies were huge though. Smaller scale battles I love the Percy Jackson series, where the dyslexic kids fight creatures from the greek myths with bronze swords. Probably my favourite on screen battles are those in the TV series VIkings.

What are your thoughts?


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