An Excerpt From Letters For Ellie

This has been a long time coming but finally I’m ready to send out little morsels of my book for consumption. It’s actually kind of scary! I tried to pick scenes that will help you understand more about the book and it’s characters and the message. Any feedback is welcomed if you’d like to comment below or email me personally at rebekah@rkgtheauthor (dot) com. Some of the excerpts may not make it into the final draft or may be tweaked. Thank you for reading.

Excerpt #1: Letters For Ellie- An introduction to Rachel and Andrew

It’s funny how sometimes you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them for a long time. I’ve had many friends over the years that fit this description. Your dad is one of them.  How we met was strange indeed when you find out that football is not a sport I even remotely enjoy. I am more of a basketball and hockey kind of girl.

I was 29 at the time and living with some friends from college. We had been invited to a Superbowl party the coming Sunday at a guy’s house named Andrew. Single men would be there. This detail was very exciting. None of us really liked football but we decided we would go anyway just in case our “soul mate” happened to be there. I didn’t expect anything spectacular. Too many years of searching with no results had soured me on the prospect of a boyfriend. I was determined however, to embrace this new experience and make new friends.

When we arrived at the party there were a lot of people. Our friend Carol was dating Andrew’s friend Charlie and greeted us at the door. She proceeded to introduce us to everyone. As I looked off from the kitchen into the front room, the room was dark except for bright shapes running across the movie screen. I suspect something good just happened because the room exploded with cheers as we walked in. Andrew was sitting on an old tan recliner in the theater room when we finally met him. As I look back on that night this is one of the things I liked about him instantly. We both had a mad love for movies and I was jealous of his theater room. I knew then we had to be best friends. I was already thinking of all the great movie parties we could have at his house. I was sure he wouldn’t mind me scheduling something.

As we were introduced I thought to myself what a cute smile! I instantly felt some kind of kinship with him. He drew me in closer with his clear blue eyes. We stayed for a few hours and talked about movies and aliens. Finally it was time for us to leave. Andrew and Carol both walked us to the door. I decided to be brave and asked him if we could plan a movie party in a few months. He thought that was a great idea. I was to send him an email and we would go over the details.

On the way home my girlfriends and I talked about the guys we had met at the party and if we thought any of them seemed cool or cute. I mentioned that I thought Drew was cute and Sarah said it seemed like we really hit it off. Of course, you know how girls tend to be and I began to daydream about him over the next few weeks. What would it be like to date him? What would it be like to kiss him? Mind you, I had just met Andrew but I was already planning our future together. So typical of a girl that I just had to laugh at myself.


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  1. K. A. Last says:

    This is great! I want more!!!

    • R.K. Grow says:

      Thank you Kim! That means a lot coming from you. I am almost done. A few more chapters and then readers and editing. 🙂

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