A-Z Challenge 2015: O is for Onomatopoeia

What is Onomatopoeia? Onomatopoeia is the use of words which imitate the sound they describe. Most words relate to:

  • Our Voices (e.g., whisper, murmur, growl)
  • Air (e.g., hiss, swish, whoosh)
  • Water (e.g., drip, drizzle)
  • Collisions (e.g., smash, bang, clap)
  • Animal Noises (e.g., woof, moo, oink)


  • “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.” (slogan of Alka Seltzer, U.S.)
  • The horse’s hooves clip-clopped on the cobblestones.
  • Those clucking chickens are driving me crazy!
  • The teacher heard the distinct crunch of ruffled potato chips.
  • Jacob could not sleep with the steady drip-drop of water coming from the sink.
  • The root beer fizzed over the top of the mug.

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3 Responses

  1. Paula Kaye says:

    One of my favorite words of all time….

    Smidgen Snippets & Bits

  2. Susan Kane says:

    Used to enjoy throwing various words that evoked sound words into my poetry. Haven’t in a while!

    Over from the A to Z.

  3. I like this word. I remember learning this word in junior high.

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