2014: Year in Review

I cannot believe it’s already time to say goodbye to 2014 in a few weeks. I honestly don’t know where the year went. For me it’s been a crazy year. I had a baby in April. I quit the job I’d been at for the last 18 1/2 years and started a new one to be closer to my home and family. We’ve had lots and lots of changes.

My blog and writing life has also gone through some changes. I found I didn’t have the amount of time I wanted to write this year or attend conferences. I apologize for the lack of new blog posts this year. I do have a plan for 2015 and I am hoping to map out all of my posts, etc. over the holidays. I was excited to attend the first ever IndieReCon LIVE event that was held in October in Sandy, UT. What a great bunch of people to volunteer with and the best sessions around on self-publishing. I look forward to next year’s event.

I thought it might be fun to share the books that changed my life this year after reading them and the posts from my blog that got a lot of traffic.

Top Posts in 2014

  1. Why Do We Create?
  2. Guest Post: Introspection During the Characters Black Moment by Angela Ackerman
  3. Meet Author Darcie Chan
  4. With a Thankful Heart
  5. Random Acts of Kindness Blogfest: You Are Beautiful!

Top Reads in 2014

  1. Finishing up the Price of Privilege series with Mark of Distinction and Price of Privilege by Jessica Dotta.
  2. Going back to Trona, CA with The Brothers Washburn in Mojave Green. So scared!
  3. Enjoying the first novel by a husband and wife writing duo: Splinters by Matt Carter & F.J. Titchenell. Reminiscent of the X-Files. Creepy yet satisfying.

What were your favorite reads this year?

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