Taking a much needed break

I find myself surrounded by a beautiful mountain scene. My family and I have escaped to a condo for the next 4 days. It’s a much needed get away. Things have been crazy at work. The kid’s have been driving me crazy. But somehow when we are in a new surrounding they are not so bad. Go figure.

I’ve been able to finish another chapter in my book and it feels like I am plugging along pretty good. I hope by the time our writing group meets again on the 30th I’ll have a few more chapters written. Because this book is coming from my life’s experiences it’s been pretty emotional for me. I have to take a break now and then and do something else so I don’t start to cry or get stuck for too long in an unpleasant memory.

I hope my daughters will appreciate this legacy of sorts that I am leaving to them. I love them so much and want to share my experiences with them. I was never really good at keeping a consistent journal. Well, I better get back to writing. I hope all of you who are participating in NaNo are meeting your daily word count! Keep going strong.

Peace out from the gorgeous mountains around Eden, Utah.

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